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Drug charges range from less serious or misdemeanor cases to complicated multi-jurisdictional federal narcotics conspiracy crimes. Whatever drug charge you might be facing,  WEINBERG LAW has  a competent, dedicated and experienced criminal defense attorney who will help you obtain the best result in your case. WEINBERG LAW will evaluate your case to determine if you are eligible to participate in an alternative sentencing programs that will avoid a permanent criminal conviction and will include rehabilitation for underlying substance abuse or psychological issues.

Drug Possession Cases

Drug possession crimes generally fall into two categories: possession for personal use and possession with intent to distribute. The former typically carries a lower penalty and the distinction between the two crimes is often a source of contention between prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys.  Factors considered when determining whether the intent to distribute drugs exists include:

  • Quantity of drugs in the defendant’s possession;
  • Location of drugs when found (e.g., pocket or container);
  • Presence of baggies or a scale;
  • Observance of hand-to-hand transactions with others;
  • Presence of large amounts of money in the defendant’s possession.

Drug Sales or Trafficking

If arrested for distributing or selling narcotics, the penalties can include lengthy prison sentences. Cases alleging that drug sales occurred within a certain distance of a playground, school or daycare involve even longer sentences because these facts, called enhancements, act to lengthen a person’s sentence. Regardless of the nature or circumstances of your drug charge, WEINBERG LAW has experience defending all types of drug cases.

Drug trafficking activity often involves crossing state or national borders.  It typically can result in the involvement of federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI or the DEA. If you are facing either state or federal drug trafficking charges, WEINBERG LAW has the experience and ability to defend you against these charges.  WEINBERG LAW  will work to assure that a reasonable bond is set so that a client can be released from jail pending trial.  Steven J. Weinberg will evaluate each case to determine what if any pre-trial motions will be beneficial to the client’s interest. Finally, WEINBERG LAW will litigate the case before a judge or jury if a fair and reasonable disposition cannot be reached through an agreement.    

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