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Sex offenses carry some of the most severe and potentially damaging penalties of any crime.  If convicted, sentences include lengthy prison terms and potential lifetime sex offender registration requirements.


Steven J. Weinberg is experienced at presenting and simplifying sophisticated defenses to sexual assault, child pornography or internet crimes.  This includes the use of computer analysts, DNA profiles, child psychologists and medical professionals.

 “I was falsely accused of sexual abuse. Three charges that could have put me away for 15 years, but he took it to trial and proved that they were all lies and showed that I was innocent and brought me back to my kids.” PD

 The best chance to avoid lifetime sex offender registration by defend against charges of sexual assault, internet crimes or child pornography.  To protect your reputation, freedom and to avoid lifetime sex offender registration, contact Weinberg Law.

Offenses requiring lifetime sex offender registration as a sexual predator

When the conviction is on or after 1-1-2011:

10-11 kidnapping 10-2 aggravated kidnapping 10-3 unlawful restraint 10-3.1 aggravated unlawful restraint 11-9.5 sexual misconduct with a person with disability 10-5(b)(10) child abduction

When the conviction is on or after 1-1-2013:

10-5.1 luring of a minor

Offenses requiring lifetime sex offender registration

720ILCS 5/

9-1 first degree murder

  • Convicted of 9-1
  • Victim age 17 or under and the defendant is age 17 or over

Victim age 18 or over and the offenses are sexually motivated (effective 1-1-2012)- This only applies to those individuals released from incarceration on or after 1-1-2002

Offenses requiring 10 year sex offender registration *

720 ILCS 5/

11-6 indecent solicitation of a child
11-9.2 custodial sexual misconduct
11-14.3(a)(1) soliciting for a juvenile prostitute
11-25 grooming
11-1.50 criminal sexual abuse
10-2 aggravated kidnapping
10-3.1 aggravated unlawful restraint
10-5(b)(10) child abduction
11-6.5 indecent solicitation
11-14.3 (a)(2)(A) pandering, victim under 18
11-19 pimping, victim under 18
5.1 of the Wrongs to Children Act (permitting sexual abuse)

11-9.1 sexual exploitation of a child
11-9.5 sexual misconduct w/person w/disability
11-18.1 patronizing a juvenile prostitute
11-26 traveling to meet a minor
10-1 kidnapping
10-3 unlawful restraint
11-11 sexual relations within families
10-4 forcible detention
11-15 soliciting for a prostitute victim under 18
11-18 patronizing a prostitute victim under 18
11-9 public indecency, 3rd or more conviction

Offenses requiring lifetime sex offender registration as a sexual predator

When the conviction is after July 1, 1999:

11-14.4 involves keeping a place of juvenile prostitution 11-14.4(a)(2)&(a)(3) j juvenile pimping 11-14.4(a)(4) exploitation of a child 11-20.1 child pornography 11-20.1 (B) aggravated child pornography 11-1.20 criminal sexual assault 11-1.30 aggravated criminal sexual assault 11-1.40 predatory criminal sexual assault 11-1.60 aggravated criminal sexual assault 12-33 ritualized abuse of a child

A second or more conviction/adjudication requiring registration after 7-1-1999.

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