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Trials are courtroom proceedings that determine whether a client is guilty or not guilty. Trials are heard either before a judge and are called bench trials or before twelve (12) people from the public selected by the parties called a jury.

Steven J. Weinberg has represented individuals in all types of criminal cases all over Illinois and the Midwest.

He is well respected in the trial bar and has argued cases in state and federal courts in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

He has tried jury and bench trials in hundreds of cases ranging from simple battery or possession of controlled substance to multi-million dollar fraud, conspiracies, sex crimes, and murder.


He has the experience and ability to persuasively argue complex points of law to judges and juries so that they understand the issues and can feel his intensity.

Steven J. Weinberg has the experience and ability to connect with juries and judges so that he obtains the best results for his clients.

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